college station: the tipsy bean

It’s been a few years since I’ve gone to a coffee shop in College Station, but whenever I do, it’s always to the Tipsy Bean. It’s a huge yet cozy space, with lots of good coffee and pastry options. Did I do a good chunk of my GRE studying here? Perhaps I did…and of course, a shout out to their Wi-Fi for getting me through that mess.

The Tipsy Bean — Wine and Coffee Bar has been around for quite a while now; I remember it’s been around since at least before I went off to college. As the name suggests, they serve a variety of coffee, red wine, white wine, rose, cheese boards, craft beers and pastries. Now, the avid coffee drinker in me greatly appreciates their caramel cappuccinos, but their pastries have also won me over: every time I go, the cheesecake is a must (and each time, they change up the kind of cheesecake too, so it’s always a nice little surprise.)

I’ve started to come here every time I meet up with a friend, or just to chat with my mother, because the atmosphere here is also pretty nice. When it’s not terribly Texas-hot outside, we’ll sometimes sit outside, but most of the time, we enjoy sitting upstairs on the couch (usually you’ll find students doing homework at the tables, especially once the school year starts). The space is kind of small, so there have been times when we couldn’t find a space, but I do think that lends it a more cozy feeling (minus it being quite cold inside, actually) to the coffeeshop aesthetic.

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