college station: master yakiniku korean bbq

Back in late May, my friends and I met up for a small reunion at Master Yakiniku Korean & Japanese BBQ. Located in Bryan on S. Texas Avenue, the restaurant is a small, cozy place to get together with friends or family.

Each table has a grill in the middle, which makes for a fun time while you wait for your food to cook.

For appetizers, we shared a seafood & scallion pancake, which has always been one of my favorite Korean foods. Depending on which day of the week you go, there’s usually always a good deal (like BOGO entree, free apps, etc.)

Only one of us ordered an item to be self-grilled — the bulgogi, which comes raw and must be cooked on the table top grill. During later trips, I’ve ordered the LA Galbi and spicy pork belly, both of which come in huge portions and are absolutely top notch (I’d recommend those over the bulgogi, to be honest).

The rest of us ordered various dishes: I had the bulgogi rice plate, which was served with miso soup, side vegetables & egg rolls. And while I didn’t get to grill my own bulgogi, it was certainly delicious (and we had enough fun watching our friend cook hers).

I would definitely count Master Yakiniku as one of the best Asian restaurants in the B/CS area, so if you’re ever craving some Korean or Japanese food, head over to Bryan to check out Master Yakiniku.


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