dallas restaurant review: fearing’s

The motto of Fearing’s is ‘BOLD FLAVORS. NO BORDERS.’ And I can say I agree with that 100%

But first, let’s talk about the personality of Fearing’s, shall we?

location and aesthetic

Fearing’s is located in a fun and honestly a boujee part of Uptown Dallas. Specifically, it is inside of the luxe Ritz-Carlton hotel. So as one can expect, the inside of the Ritz is just spectacular – the architecture and interior design make you feel like you’re part of a Gatsby-esque mansion party.

You can expect to have some lofty expectations for Fearing’s then, right? Not to worry, the restaurant matches the exquisite marvelousness of the Ritz in every bit. 

Egg’s Benny

entrees and dessert

Enough about architecture though – now for the food! The chef of Fearing’s is Dean Fearing; he is known as the “Father of Southwestern Cuisine” and has spent his life cooking for people who love good food. Chef Fearing’s brings out an apparent passion to combine food and cooking styles with his own Southern/Texas flair. And I can see that especially with his breakfast and brunch dishes – his Bay of Fundy Salmon is a melting pot of cultures, knowledge and flavors.

The salmon is glazed with Black Garlic Yuzu sauce and is on a bed of Alkaline Salt Noodles, Vegetable Stir Fry with Hong Kong XO Sauce and Gingered Pickled Carrots. Now isn’t that mouth-watering? It was to me when I first saw it, and honestly, the multitude of contrasts didn’t conflict with one another at all; the flavors complemented and elevated each other. In short, the dish is just peak deliciousness. 

On top of his creative pieces, Chef Fearing also thought of some more traditional, and palatable, dishes. For instance, the brunch Huevos Rancheros are just an amazing Tex-Mex dish, and you cannot go wrong with it. While this is definitely not as quirky as the Bay of Fundy Salmon, you can still have your own fun with it. For me, I chose to have my eggs poached instead of the more traditional ways that eggs are done for Huevos Rancheros. And that was spectacular. The runny yolks just amalgamated all the flavors into a symphony of wonderful taste.

Also, these aren’t the only great dishes here; Fearing’s has so many great choices from dishes like the Dr Pepper Braised Rosewood Ranch Short Ribs to the Makhani Butter Chicken on Saffron Scented Basmati Rice. I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of the dishes here. But if you’re having a hard time choosing between all these great dishes in the morning, there is also the Buffet. It has items from decadent donuts to charcuterie-like meats, so you can’t go wrong there as well.   

Dr.Pepper Braised Short Rib

Besides the good food here, the staff at Fearing’s are all kind and delightful from the waiters to the managers. By the way, valet is mandatory here, but it’s free for breakfast, lunch and brunch; the valet workers are also some of the most polite people I have met. 

There you have it – Fearing’s is not only a safe bet to try but also a good place to be. I hope y’all can try it sometime and enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

Panna Cotta
French Toast


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