dallas: nobu

Nobu is a high-end restaurant in Uptown, Dallas, and it is more specifically found within the cozy Crescent Court. Since Nobu is in a pretty busy part of Dallas, you’ll most likely have to use the Crescent Court’s valet service, but don’t fret, they offer a discount for Nobu patrons. 

After dining here a few times, I can confidently say that Nobu has some nice food, but I am not going to lie to you – Nobu is a straight-up DINING EXPERIENCE. 

Abalone Sashimi with Caviar

Let me explain, the food here just has a different kind of atmosphere surrounding it. The concepts, presentation and distinct combination of flavors and cultures just culminate in a delicious food journey here. And this sort of feeling is especially true on your very first meal here.

10/10 Sushi Assortment

For instance, Nobu offers a seasonal dish that blends a watermelon salsa with a crispy soft-shell crab. This dish has all sorts of balance and juxtaposition – sweet vs. savory, TexMex vs. traditional American, and light, fragrant flavors vs. stronger, spicier ones. All these come to a palatable and amazing crescendo. While tasty, this dish is only one of many diverse dishes, such as sushi tacos, Wagyu Foie Gras Dumplings, and the decadent King Crab Leg with Panko Crut and Black Truffle Sauce. It’s obvious then that Nobu provides a myriad of dishes that are unique to them. 

Truffle-Encrusted Crab Leg

However, Nobu definitely brings some amazing traditional Japanese items. Their nigiri, sashimi and sushi maki are all as great as one would expect from a famous Japanese-style restaurant. On top of those, their tempura is simply just well done. Kushiyaki is good, too. But one part of Nobu’s traditional menu that stands out to me is their Wagyu. Nobu’s Wagyu is A5, which is the highest quality Wagyu possible, and is from Miyazaki Prefecture. A5 Wagyu can only be described with one word – amazeballs. Nobu also offers multiple ways to cook and serve their Wagyu; they have options like Tataki, New Style, Toban, Flambé, Steak, and Ishiyaki. As one can see, Nobu’s traditional items are just so good. 

Diverse Sushi with Tamago

On to the next, dessert here keeps up with the creative energy. Desserts such as Miso Cappuccino, Kakigori and Dessert Bento Box are creative amalganations of flavors, cultures and concepts. Nevertheless, Nobu also has some fantastic and simple traditional desserts. They have Mochi Ice Cream and House-Made Ice Cream and Sorbets. And you have to know you can never go wrong with ice cream.

Passion Fruit Mousse with Japanese Peaches, Mountain Apples and Gold Flakes

The food magic is definitely present and especially in the first try, so I hope y’all can try this place!

Type of food: Japanese, sushi, combination

Locations/Hours: Sunday- Thursday: 6PM-10PM, Friday- Saturday: 6-11PM

Price: $$$$


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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