Dallas Coffee Review: Window Seat

Oi maties, 

I want to ask you guys a serious question – how many of us know of a coffee shop that truly has a compelling, creative aesthetic? I for one can’t really think of too many I’ve been to. But that’s why I wanted to tell you about Dallas’ own Window Seat! And yes – while their name may be quirky – it’s a fun place with delicious coffee and tasty snacks. 

Interior + Aesthetic

Window Seat’s theme is exactly what it sounds like; each table is placed next to a depiction of a plane’s window that peers into a landscape of a lovely getaway vacation.

In fact, the wonderful individuals behind Window Seat wanted “to capture that special feeling you get in anticipation of going on an exciting trip,” and I would say they do indeed inspire that warm feeling 🙂 

Now that we’ve established Window Seat has a delightful interior aesthetic, we should get to the food, and most of all, their coffee 😋.


First off, their cold brew has a full, yet refreshing taste, like it’s just satisfying; I think that’s the best way for me to describe it as a cold brew connoisseur. Moreover, their lattes are flavorful and do not have an overly milky, diluted flavor. Their Draft Nitro Latte is also a nice concoction – imagine an already silky latte combined with nitrogen smoothness, simply a good and velvety beverage.

And we can’t forget the variety of espresso drinks they offer 👀. From the Caffe Shakerato and Sweet Latte to the classic Americano and Cortado, there’s something fresh and classic in espresso form here. In short, Window Seat’s coffee is solid and what you want in a Cup O’ Jo’!

But now onto their food 😏.

Food Items

Window Seat offers a variety of food items, ranging from their homemade Fruit Bread and biscuit sandwiches to their weekly Cake Slices and breakfast tacos from Tacodeli. Their fruit bread is just so pleasant and great, especially their banana walnut and orange cranberry (seasonal item). They’re fluffy and packed with flavor that isn’t too sugary, and we highly recommend them.

The breakfast biscuit sandwiches are also delicious and highly recommended, in particular the bacon (or sausage) egg and cheese choices. Although petite, these biscuits are pretty filling and hit the spot just right. 

There are several other things to try at Window Seat as well. They serve Italian sodas, a unique item in coffeeshops in my opinion, and they have four flavors – raspberry, lavender cloud, vanilla cream and orange creamsicle.

In addition, they serve tea, ginger ale, OJ and other drinks for the less caffeinated type of customer. But finally, they currently offer a Season Winter Rotators. The Gingerbread Lattes, Peppermint Mochas and Winter Warmers all sound so wonderful at this time of year 🎅.

sweet breads

Final Thoughts

So this is how we feel about Window Seat :), yet it hasn’t been too long since we first discovered Window Seat and this was by no means an exhaustive list of what to get and try. However, we’ve had such a nice experience here that we thought we must share it! So please go give Window Seat a try and let us know what you think of their coffee, food, and of course, their aesthetic!

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