HMHS 2020: Year in Rewind

It’s the last day of 2020 — and what a year it’s been. We’re so thankful for everyone who has stuck around with us, through thick and thin. We would not be here without your support, your encouragement and all the love you’ve given us about our recipes, our reviews and more.

Hungry Mind, Hungry Stomach has been two years strong, but this was actually our first year in which we decided to start the blog. Since then, it’s been the most amazing journey with all our friends, from near and afar. We decided to do our own little Rewind, to look back at all that’s been accomplished this year.

Putting together this Rewind was a lovely reminder of just how beautiful this community is. Whether you’re here from Facebook, Instagram, or WordPress, we’re shocked to see there’s so many of you! We love it! And the fact that our blog has touched so many readers in so many countries gives us so much faith in our food and recipe writing. It’s a sign that food is one of those rare things that can bring us together, bring us joy, bring us culture, bring us memories, and so much more.

Again, from the bottom our hearts, thank you to the HMHS community. Hope to see you all (and more!) next year.

-Love, Annie & Michael


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