austin: bird bird biscuit

We’re BIG chicken people: chicken and waffles, chicken and biscuits, just chicken, fried chicken, we love it all. So we’re always on the lookout for more chicken places around town, and when my roommate started raving about this new place called Bird Bird Biscuit, you bet we immediately hopped into our car the next morning for an early brunch.

The Queen Beak & the Chicken Holiday.

Bird Bird Biscuit is owned by the same people who own Thunderbird Coffee (which is just down the road), and only recently opened up a few years back. We walked in to a small, bright room, lined with yellow and orange colorful paint lines and a giant chicken painting on the wall. While it’s small, there’s a lot of seating even in the restaurant, and additional seating outside in a patio area. We walked up to the counter, and very quickly got our order placed, with a wait of about ten minutes.

inside of bird bird biscuit

We had ordered the Queen Beak, which was a spiced and breaded chicken thigh, cayenne black pepper honey, bacon-infused chipotle mayo. We’d also ordered one of their specials — Chicken Holiday, which consists of spiced and breaded chicken thigh, smoked black pepper gravy, cranberry sauce. Now, those were SOME sandwiches.

The biscuits are rich and buttery and fluffy on the inside, and the batter on the fried chicken is obviously not your basic fast food fried chicken — it’s crisp but not too oily or overcooked. The chicken itself is juicy and tender, a perfect contrast against the crispy batter.

The sauces also complement the sandwiches — the sweet cranberry sauce or the smoked black pepper gravy each had its own unique flair to add to the sandwich. You can also add on items, like a fried egg or bacon, to the sandwiches. We went with the originals just to see how they were, but next time, a fried egg is definitely in the picture.

Overall, the chicken sandwiches are among the best we’ve had in Austin, and it is a pretty hefty meal. Though the sandwiches look pretty regularly-sized, we had some difficulty finishing both of ours (lots of chicken! which is a good thing!), and you’ll definitely be full for a good rest of your day. We’ll recommend stopping by if you get the chance — this is one fried chicken place you don’t want to miss out on for sure.

Type of food: American/Brunch (Fried Chicken)

Locations/Hours: 2701 Manor Rd
Austin, TX 78722
Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-2 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Price: $


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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