austin: sour duck market (and burger galore!)

Have you ever found yourself so busy you can’t find the time to eat a full meal? Let alone a good, healthy one? Well, I have something in store for you – Sour Duck Market! 

Annie and I coincidentally heard about Sour Duck Market at Odd Duck because our waiter had told us they get their bread (among other nice items) from Sour Duck. As a result, we decided to check out Sour Duck Market, and oh my, little did we know we would stumble upon something awesome. 

Sour Duck is a part of the Odd Duck restaurant group: Odd Duck, Barley Swine and now Sour Duck Market. Sour Duck itself is more of a neighborhood bakery, cafe, bar and market, and thus provides a vast array of items from kombucha and craft cocktails to sourdough pancakes and mouth-watering burgers. But it doesn’t stop there. 

Sour Duck makes their own artisan bread and pastries; they have their own smokehouse to make their own meats; and they make their own specialty coffee (the Mexicano latte here is sweet and nice, but most of all, just heavenly). And these things aren’t just for dine-in; as a market, Sour Duck is kind of like a special grocery store where you can get nice restaurant quality foods. Enough chit-chat though, let’s get to the food!

The Sour Duck Burger: The Best Burger You’ll Eat

In short, Sour Duck’s food is pretty hearty; the food will fill you up with just a few plates. However, there is one dish in need of special distinction: the Sour Duck Burger. And there is only one word that can be bestowed upon this burger – amazeballs. The juicy, chunky patty is topped with melted cheddar cheese, hot sauce, pickles, caramelized onion and mayo, and the burger is finished with toasted buns with sesame seeds. The diversity and contrast of ingredients bring out so many flavor profiles that amalgamate into bliss. The patty and cheddar cheese give the burger smooth and savory umami, while the pickles and onion provide bitter and sour hints that complement nicely with the patty and cheese. On top of those, the carmelized onion and mayo offer subtle notes of sweetness as the hot sauce lends a nice, spicy kick to the burger. Finally, the buns are two warm, buttery, and fluffy pillows for you to grab and admire the burger (before devouring it of course ;)). And needless to say, the juxtaposition of these distinct tastes culminates in one amazeballs burger. The flavors don’t fight for taste dominance; rather, they work as one to give you a delicious meal. 

Now I know the burger just set a high standard for the other dishes, but I promise they are all good as well. Another favorite of ours is the Dirty Fried Rice: the crispy rice with egg, hot sauce-marinated shrimp and spiced pork combine into one satisfying dish that ensures you’re happy. Other notable dishes include the pork chop with potatoes; fried shishito peppers with queso and sausage; fried half chicken; fried sweet potatoes; and tater tots with deviled eggs. All these dishes are nice savory items that will make you wonder why you didn’t visit sooner. Trust me, Sour Duck and the food are that good.

The Interior: Eat, Study, Eat some More

Besides the wonderful food though, the interior of the place is unexpectedly good to work in. The main building has twenty bar and counter seats that give customers a spot to eat and dash, but that isn’t required. You can definitely stay and get some much needed work done here; the wifi is good, and there’s decent enough seating space to set up a laptop, tablet or binder to get to work. The main building also houses the giant kitchen and bakery production area, the latter of which is visible to the outdoor world. 

But then there’s the roomy outdoor section that’s filled with picnic tables. In addition, the back bar building has garage doors showcasing twenty-three taps flowing with craft cocktails, wines and draft beer. And inside, there’s TV, AC, more tables and bar seating.

All in all, Sour Duck Market is a special place you must try. You can go when you’re busy or not! And even if you are, you can get that work done with some good food, so you never have to skip a meal or sacrifice food for work again. Go ahead and visit Sour Duck Market whenever you want!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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