austin dessert review: lick honest ice cream

Never did I ever think I’d try goat cheese flavored ice cream, but I also didn’t know such a flavor would exist, let alone be my favorite. But Lick Honest Ice Creams somehow not only made it possible, but also did the same delicious job with so many other flavors. 

Nestled in Lamar Union Plaza, Lick is surrounded by other HMHS favorites, such as Odd Duck and Ramen Tatsuya (we stumbled upon Lick looking for dessert after devouring more bowls of ramen). When we entered the store, some flavor names popped out at us – “Goat Cheese, Thyme & Honey; Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil & Sea Salt; and Tequila Lime Pie.” Safe to say, we were in awe. How could these (weird) flavors be so popular, right? But after sampling too many flavors, we understood why – these flavors put us on cloud nine, bruh. Lick’s ice creams are eccentric and eclectic, yet they’re so tasty and have such personality.

A Myriad of Tastes and Flavors

The Goat Cheese flavor has fresh, local thyme and Good Flow honey that surprisingly pair perfectly with Austin’s own creamy Pure Luck goat cheese. These components amalgamate so well and unite to create a unique wholesomeness. Suddenly, the goat cheese isn’t so weird anymore; the honey and thyme make the goat cheese more inviting, but also bring out the best in the goat cheese. The goat cheese, however, subtly does the same for the honey and thyme, making this flavor just amazeballs. And this mutualism of flavors is why the goat cheese flavor is my favorite and led me to the rest of Lick’s ice creams. 

Lick’s Dark Chocolate contains buttery notes from SRSLY Chocolate and Texas Olive Ranch olive oil that shine through this dark chocolate and sea salt flavor. Again, this is straight up another wonderful combination of flavors; the olive oil and chocolate enhance each other, rather than clash, and the sea salt just accentuates both flavors at the same time. 

The Tequila Lime Pie is a guilty pleasure of mine. As a seasonal flavor, it’s not in-store most of the year, but when it is, oh my is it a goody. It’s kind of needless to say, but tequila with key lime pie and chunks of pie crust is exquisitely yummy. Tequila Lime Pie is a wonderful treat, especially after a long day of work, school, etc. 

Eccentric, Honest and Local

Now these are just three of many usual and seasonal flavors. Other awesome flavors include the Orange Chocolate (another guilty pleasure, but at this point, they all are ;)), Coffee with Cream, Caramelized Banana & Bourbon, Horchata, etc. They also have dairy-free and vegan flavors, too! Such as Chocolate Chocolate, Vanilla Strawberry Swirl, and Tart Toasted Coconut. Finally, don’t forget about their ice cream sandwiches, delicious cones and nice toppings. By the way, if you don’t like the potential messiness of cones, you can get a good “cone bowl.” 

You really do need to go to comprehend the amazingness of the ice creams and the store. And with three locations in Austin and one in San Antonio, Lick offers eclectic and eccentric ice creams to the masses of central Texas. On top of that, the “honest” in their name is there for a reason. Lick is a farm-to-table ice cream shop, and from their website, “‘honest’ simply means we use the purest ingredients we can find in our artisanal ice creams. What doesn’t go into our ice creams is just as important as what does. We never use artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives, ever! We can trace every single ingredient we use to its source. Ice cream shouldn’t just taste good — we believe it should also be good.”

You must definitely try out Lick Honest Ice Creams! You won’t regret it and you’ll probably come back so many times, just like us 🙂 


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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